QuickBooks How To Reset Lost or Forgotten Password

Recently had a QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) retail client who had an issue with an employee leaving company before Owner could obtain necessary information, employee departed abruptly; for she just quit and discarded necessary passwords to companies accounting system upon leaving.

QuickBooks Human Resources Password ResetIssue: Business Owner in this case and/or employers/human resource managers not having a standard operating proceedure inplace for when an employee quits, leaves for medical reasons or is fired.  Believe it or not it happens often in every business, especially in the Construction business where there is high turn over.  With regards to this issue, Intuit has a way business owners can reset the password to all of Intuit's QuickBooks products.

Solution 1: If you've got the time you can log in to Intuit's website and reset your password.  Note: if you screwup and forget what "new" password you typed in because you didn't write it down or got sidetracked, it will take an additional 24 hours before you can reset again.  Furthermore, if you tried that avenue and it doesn't reset or error's out, it could be your data is damaged and in that case you will need to contact Intuit and have their solution team fix your data.  This can take up to 1-2 days without your accounting software.

Solution 2: Call a Certified ProAdvisor like A2Z Office Management, we can walk you through resetting your password and in a few moments you will be operational again.

Solution 3:  Setup an appointment with A2Z Office Management and have us take a look at your operations to setup Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for your entire company.  Call us today, for we can assist you with all your business needs from A2Z and everything in between.