1099 Reporting for Contractors using a Credit Card

IRS Reporting Requirements for Third Party Payments on 1099-K or 1099-MISC

Construction Billing for Time in QuickBooks: An Overview

If you sell your employees’ time and skills, you can use QuickBooks to record those hours and bill your customers for them.

If your small business sells products, you know how precisely you must track your starting stock numbers, ongoing inventory levels, and your reorder points. QuickBooks provides tools to help with this process, but human factors can sometimes throw off your careful counts.

A Tour through QuickBooks' Payroll Setup Tool

Getting QuickBooks ready to process payroll is a complex, time-consuming process. Here’s what you can expect.
Payday. You look forward to it when you’re young and working at your first part-time job.

But as a grown-up who needs to start processing payroll for your employees, you probably anticipate it in a different way, perhaps even with a sense of dread. QuickBooks handles the real grunt work once you’ve done the initial setup, but those early hours you spend preparing to print your first paycheck can be challenging.

Use Items to Improve Job Costing in QuickBooks

WIP Construction AccountingConstruction and Project Related Job Costing Starts with a simple item and for many contractors job costing is a key part of the success of their construction business – how else would they know if they are actually going to make a profit or break even on the jobs they are bidding on?

5 Ways You Can Use QuickBooks Income Tracker

The Income Tracker is one of QuickBooks’ more innovative features. If you’re not using it, you should be.

One of the reasons that QuickBooks appeals to millions of small businesses especially General Contractors in the Construction Industry is because it offers multiple ways to complete the same tasks, which accommodates different work styles. Say, for example, you wanted to look up a specific invoice. You could:

QuickBooks How To Reset Lost or Forgotten Password

Recently had a QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) retail client who had an issue with an employee leaving company before Owner could obtain necessary information, employee departed abruptly; for she just quit and discarded necessary passwords to companies accounting system upon leaving.

QuickBooks Online Goes on the Road

If you do business outside of your office walls, you need remote access to QuickBooks Online. You can have it.

One of QuickBooks Online’s most compelling benefits is its portability. While its desktop counterparts remain chained to your desktop PC or notebook (with limited remote capabilities), many of the features found in browser-based QuickBooks Online can be easily accessed via iOS and Android smartphone and tablet apps.

8 Construction QuickBooks Reports That You Should Be Running

QuickBooks provides dozens of customizable construction report templates. You know when you need some of them, but which are musts?

You send invoices because you sold products and/or services. Purchase orders go out when you’re running low on inventory, and there are always bills to pay, it seems like. All of this activity is, of course, important in itself, but all of your conscientious bookkeeping culminates in what’s probably the most critical element of QuickBooks: your reports.

Construction Owners: See What's New in QuickBooks Enterprise 2014

We all know every new version of QuickBooks adds new features, and QuickBooks 2014 is no different. In addition to some usability improvements that will benefit our Inland Empire QuickBooks users, Intuit enhanced its capabilities for the construction industry.  HELLO Construction Owners, Subcontractors, and Project Managers this version should be calling YOU!  The job costing and reporting functions are more powerful than EVER!!.  

Use QuickBooks "QuickReport" feature to see what you owe a specific vendor

Using a QuickBooks quick report feature to find out what is owed to a specific vendor

Suppose you're viewing the Vendor list in the Vendor Center and you want to see a history of all transactions for a certain vendor. Select the vendor's name, then click the QuickReport link at the top right section of the window. You'll see a report listing information about each bill for that vendor.

To see what you owe a vendor:

  1. Click Vendor Center on the icon bar.

QuickBooks displays the Vendor Center.

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