Budgets: A Plan for Success in 2013

Budgets: A Plan for Success

 By Matt Krumrie

A common misconception is to think of a budget as something that prevents spending.  On the contrary, a budget is really a plan that prioritizes how company funds can best be put to use.  Putting together, forecasting and following a budget is the key for any business to succeed.

Purpose of a Budget

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QuickBooks 2013 Migration

Customers who purchased QuickBooks 2012 after July 25, 2012 are eligible for free migration to QuickBooks 2013.  Free migration applies to downloads only.  If a customer requires a CD, they will be charged $14.95 shipping/handling plus tax.  Call us at 951-290-7133 for help.

Alert - Spam / Phishing Email for Intuit QuickBooks Security Tool Update

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QuickBooks Templates

Templates - When you purchase Quickbooks for the first time there is a template page advertisement Note: this is only available for 30 days after purchasing Quickbooks and you do need an internet connection. Make sure to take advantage of this and download all the templates you might need.

Sales Tax Setup

Do you Charge Sales Tax? In the beginning when you first set up your quickbooks it asked if you are charging sales tax? If you stated no and then decided yes. You would need to go back to your preference page located at: Edit, Preferences, Sales Tax, Company Preferences and click yes to turn on do you charge sales tax. Remember to save and exit quickbooks for it to show up on estimates or invoices.


If you want to show the commission that is owed in a single item. You will need to add and item to your Item List as an Other Charge and the percentage amount followed by a percentage sign. This way it will calculate the percentage from total estimates and/or invoices.

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