Use QuickBooks "QuickReport" feature to see what you owe a specific vendor

Using a QuickBooks quick report feature to find out what is owed to a specific vendor

Suppose you're viewing the Vendor list in the Vendor Center and you want to see a history of all transactions for a certain vendor. Select the vendor's name, then click the QuickReport link at the top right section of the window. You'll see a report listing information about each bill for that vendor.

To see what you owe a vendor:

  1. Click Vendor Center on the icon bar.

QuickBooks displays the Vendor Center.

  1. Select the vendors name.
  2. In the Reports for this Vendor section, click the QuickReport link.

Note: If you want to see only unpaid bills and unapplied credits for the selected vendor, click the Open Balance link in the Reports for this Vendor section.

A vendor QuickReport shows all transactions for this month to date for the selected vendor. The transactions shown can include purchase orders, item receipts, bills, bill payments, and credits received from the vendor.

  1. Leave the report open; you will use it in the next exercise.

Zooming in on a QuickReport

All QuickReports contain a summary of individual transactions. To help you better understand the information presented in reports, QuickBooks lets you trace report data to the individual transaction level using QuickZoom.

When you position the mouse pointer over a number in a report and you see the QuickZoom symbol (a magnifying glass with a Z in it), you can double-click the number to display the original transaction in QuickBooks.

Suppose you want more detail about the item receipt shown in the report. (You use an item receipt in QuickBooks when you want to record that you've received inventory items, but you haven't yet received a bill.)

To see more detail about an item:

  1. Position the mouse pointer over the item receipt dated 12/05/2015.

The arrow pointer turns into a magnifying glass with the letter Z (z for zoom).

  1. Double-click the item receipt.

QuickBooks displays the Create Item Receipts window for the selected transaction.

  1. Click Save & Close to close the window.

QuickBooks returns you to the QuickReport.